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Art is a fundamental part of the mountain lifestyle. It represents the environment that spectators and participants live and play in every day.

The Mountain Games combine artistic influences with competition and we foster the arts through film, photography and random expressions of on-site art.


Vail is a vibrant community that takes pride in celebrating the diverse mountain lifestyle and all that represents, from athletics to culture. The Town of Vail's Art in Public Places board (AIPP) oversees the existing art displays within the town and also coordinates and creates temporary instillations from renowned or up-and-coming artists.

While in Vail for the Mountain Games, we encourage you to seek out and learn about the current art pieces AIPP has chosen for 2011.

Art In Public Places 2

On view near Golden Peak, Vail

Internationally-renowned sculptor, Steve Tobin is from Pennsylvania and has been visiting Vail since 1972. These works not only celebrate the importance of trees in our environment and the strength of their hidden root systems, but they symbolize the greater significance of roots within our culture. "The roots evoke communities, families, unseen power and networks coming together for a shared purpose. They gather energy and send it upward in support of the tree that is not visually apparent. The legs are anthropomorphic, suggesting images of people dancing or huddling together in embrace and collusion. They create a sense of gathering."

"Steelroots" was one of 40 works chosen for "40 Years of Art in the Parks" in New York City in 2007 and has been featured in The New York Times and New York Post. Tobin's work can be seen at the Minneapolis Landscape Arboretum and the Morton Arboretum outside of Chicago. Permanent collections are on display at the American Craft Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, American Glass Museum and Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Switzerland.

Art In Public Places 1

On view in Ford Park, Vail

"The Singing Trees" was created from Lodgepole Pine trees killed by the mountain pine beetle in the forests near Vail. Many western states in the US are currently undergoing the devastating effects of pine beetle kill with tens of thousands of trees dying each year.

Artists Roth and Watsabaugh from Jackson, Wyoming dissected the trees by hand longitudinally from root to tip with chainsaws and created benches with the remaining halves of the trees. The result is a 90-degree structure arranged in an interactive and engaging pattern. As most trees are sawed in a cross section, this is a rare opportunity to examine the growth of a tree and its branches for the entirety of the tree's life. The visible blue-staining is the fungi carried by the beetle that ultimately kills the tree from the inside out.

At the completion of the instillation project, the Colorado Children's Chorale (performing nearby at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater) brought it full circle, christening the sculptures with their music.

COUNTDOWN Tudor - The official Timepiece of the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail Colroado
Event Schedule | Summer
7:00 Costa 2 Fly X-Stream - Qualifier/Round 1 - Soccer Fields
7:30 Mountain Masters Disc Golf - Qualifying Day 2
8:00 DockDogs Outdoor Big Air - Onsite Registration & Practice
8:00 Down River Kayak Sprint - Start
8:00 EverBank Half Marathon - Start
8:00 Ultimate Mountain Challenge - Down River Sprint Start - Option #1
8:00 Ultimate Mountain Challenge - 10K Start
8:00 Ultimate River Challenge - Kayak Sprint - Start
9:00 Adventure Village - Opens
9:00 Costa Fly Fishing Village - Opens
9:00 DockDogs Outdoor Big Air - Wave 7
9:00 Gear Town - Opens
9:00 Jam in the Van - Time to Rock
9:00 Onewheel Demo Course - Opens
9:30 Slackline Invitational - Highline Demonstration at I-Bridge
9:30 Ultimate Mountain Challenge - SUP Surf Sprint Start - Option #2
9:30 Ultimate Mountain Challenge - TT Start
9:30 Ultimate River Challenge - SUP Sprint - Start
10:00 Climbing World Cup - Semi-Finals M+W
10:00 EverBank XC Mountain Bike - Kids Race (12 and under)
10:00 The Yoga Girl Experience - The Yoga Girl Experience - The Art of Letting Go
10:15 EverBank XC Mountain Bike - Awards Ceremony - Kids Race
11:00 Citizen Climbing - Wave 1 & Paraclimbing
11:00 DockDogs Outdoor Big Air - Wave 8
11:00 Down River R2 Raft Sprint - Start
11:00 Ultimate River Challenge - R2 Sprint - Start
11:45 EverBank XC Mountain Bike - PRO, Expert, Single Speed, UMC PRO
11:45 Ultimate Mountain Challenge - XC Start Pro Men/Women
12:00 Slackline Invitational - Round 2 - Heat 1
12:30 SUP Skills Invitational - Start
1:00 DockDogs Outdoor Big Air - Wave 9
1:30 Volvo Mountain Mud Run - Kids and Family Start
2:00 Citizen Climbing - Wave 2
2:00 Costa 2 Fly X-Stream - Qualifier/Round 2
2:00 EverBank Half Marathon - Awards Ceremony at Checkpoint Charlie
2:30 EverBank XC Mountain Bike - Awards Ceremony - Pro, Exp, SS
2:30 Volvo Mountain Mud Run - All Mountain Madness Division Start
3:30 DockDogs Extreme Vertical - Start
3:30 Onewheel Demo Course - Race for the Rail
3:30 Slackline Invitational - Round 2 - Heat 2
3:45 EverBank XC Mountain Bike - All Jrs Categories, Beginners, Sport, All Masters Categories, All Vet Categories, UMC Amateur & UMC Teams
3:45 Ultimate Mountain Challenge - XC Start Amateur Men/Women & Teams
4:00 GoPro Daily Giveaway
4:00 Kayak Freestyle - Finals
4:30 Climbing World Cup - Finals
5:00 Down River Kayak Sprint - Awards Ceremony
5:00 Down River R2 Raft Sprint - Awards Ceremony at I-Bridge
5:00 Kayak Freestyle - Awards Ceremony
5:00 SUP Skills Invitational - Awards Ceremony at I-Bridge
5:45 Citizen Climbing - Wave 2 Awards Ceremony
6:00 Slackline Invitational - Highline Demonstration at I-Bridge
6:30 Climbing World Cup - Awards Ceremony
6:30 EverBank XC Mountain Bike - Awards Ceremony - Citizen Categories
7:30 Flashflight Disc Nite - Start
7:30 Ultimate River Challenge - Awards Ceremony at Ford Ampitheater
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