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2012 Jeff Lenosky White Spacer 50px 2013 Justin Widhalm

Age: 40
Hometown: Sparta, NJ
Discipline: Mountain Bike Freeride
Years in the Sport: 15

Piece of Gear you can't live without: Teva Links, Giant STP and Beats Headphones
Favorite place to practice: His backyard (the Links) or some random college campus.

Favorite post-workout meal: Mexican
Favorite pizza topping: Meatball
Proudest achievement: Any time another rider tells me I've inspired them.
Worst sports-related injury: Broken tibia and fibula February 2010.
Favorite down-time activity: Hanging with my family or friends.
Biggest pet peeve: Long lines at the airport, lazy people.

2011 Rays Mtb Park Odd Couple Video Contest 3rd
2010 Crankworx Trials Comp 1st
2010 Rays Mtb Park Odd Couple Video Contest 3rd
2009 Sea Otter Classic Dual Stunt 3rd Place
2009 Rays Mtb Park Odd Couple Video Contest 2nd
2009 Crankworx Trials Comp 2nd Place
Three time US Mountain Bike Trials Champion
Bunny hop World Record Holder 45.5 inches

3rd Place - 2012 Freeride Dual
2nd Place - 2011 Freeride Dual
16th Place - 2010 Freeride Dual
5th Place - 2009 Freeride Dual
3rd Place - 2008 Freeride Dual
1st Place - 2007 Freeride Dual
1st Place - 2006 Freeride Dual
2nd Place - 2005 Freeride Dual
White Spacer 50px JUSTIN WIDHALM
Fountain, CO

I am a former US Army Sniper who was wounded in Iraq in 2006, I compete in Paralympic Cycling on the Road and Track as well as Paralympic Biathlon in the winter. I have three US National Medals in Cycling and one in Biathlon. I have my sights set on Sochi in 2014 and Rio in 2016 for the Parlaympic Games. I am an extremely proud husband of ten years and father of two who is competing as part of the VAIL VETERANS PROGRAM. My motto is "Never Strive for Mediocrity!" #Justin4Gold

2014-EduardoAccioly White Spacer 50px 2011 Katie Compton
Fortalez Ceara, Brazil

I'm an brazilian archtect and mountainbiker that is trainnig for the 6 Hours of Crato, for the last stage of the Marathon Mountainbike Ceará's Championship. In 2012 September, I was in Brasil Ride, 600km ultramarathon of mountainbike in Chapada Diamantina in Bahia. I got the 600km! I already made 210km in one day with bags. I already travelled by bike 540km in three days ans 1257km in the beach! My bike is a Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29 2013. I never go to EUA, but this is a good reason to visit this country.
White Spacer 50px

Competition: Road Bike Hill Climb and Mountain Biking
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Compton is an accomplished cyclocross racer and previous winner of road bike and mountain bike competitions at The Summer Mountain Games. She has held the Cyclocross National Championship title since 2004 and became the first American woman to stand on the podium at the Cyclocross World Championships in Belgium in 2007.

The 2007-2008 season was her most successful as she swept most national races and won her first World Cup race in the Netherlands. She ousted the race favorite by almost a minute.

You didn't know... Compton took part in Paralympic tandem bike events with blind partner Karissa Whitsell. Compton piloted and pedaled the tandem as the "captain" and Whitsell rides in the rear as "stoker." They were dominant in the 2004 Paralympic Games, winning medals in every event they entered, and setting a world record in the 3-kilometer pursuit event.

1st Place - 2010 Road Bike Time Trial
1st Place - 2009 Road Bike Time Trial
1st Place - 2008 Road Bike Time Trial
2nd Place - 2007 Road Bike Time Trial

2nd Place - 2010 X-Country Mountain Bike
1st Place - 2009 X-Country Mountain Bike
1st Place - 2008 X-Country Mountain Bike

2012 Kurt Sorge White Spacer 50px 2014 Daniel Lewis

Age: 23
Sport: Mountain Biking
Favorite place to practice: Kamloops, BC
Where are you from? Nelson, BC
Where do you live now? Nelson, BC
How many years have you been in the sport? 7

Kurt started riding when he was really young, just back and forth from elementary school and wound up riding around after school till dark jumping off things and wheeling around. Then when he into junior high he started getting a bit more serious about it and in high school entered a contest called the UFC (Ultimate Freeride Challenge). Sorge ended up winning that contest and has not really looked back since.

5th Place - 2011 Slopestyle
5th Place - 2011 Freeride Dual

White Spacer 50px

Breckenridge, CO

I love the atmosphere of these events. I do the Mtn Bike XC race Cat 1 and the TT on Sunday always as part of my early season training. Love all the different energy going on with all the different folks from the dogs to the paddlers. We love it. We have been doing this for the past several years. Our kids do the climbing events, mud run and beginner bike race. We have a 5 yr old who always does the free bike race and our daughter who is 11 now has bumped up to the 7 mile loop beginner bike race and climbing events. Kudos to a great job team...

kelly White Spacer 50px 2012 Cam McCaul


Kelly McGarry grew up in Nelson where influences from a background in BMX & motocross led him to freestyle mountain biking. As a pro rider, Kelly follows the Freeride Mountain Biking World Tour (FMB) throughout Europe and North America during the New Zealand winters and calls Queenstown home for the summer. 2013 saw Kelly ranked 9th overall in the world on the FMB World Tour, he was selected as one of only 16 riders in the world to compete in the very first MTB slopestyle event at the X Games in Munich, and his greatest achievement of 2013 was earning 2nd place & Peoples Champion at the Redbull Rampage, in Virgin, Utah.

White Spacer 50px CAM MCCAUL
Age: 25,
Sport: Freeride Mountain Bike
Favorite place to practice: Highland mountain bike park in New Hampshire
Where are you from? Aptos, CA
Where do you live now? Santa Cruz, CA

Cam fell in love with mountain bikes because you can take them anywhere you want and emulate so many different sports.

19th Place - 2009 Freeride Dual
2nd Place - 2006 Freeride Big Air
3rd Place - 2006 Freeride Dual
2nd Place - 2009 Slopestyle
2011 Adam Hauck White Spacer 50px Blank Avatar

Competition: Slopestyle and Freeride Bike
Hometown: Bloomfield, New Jersey

Hauck, a pro rider with Gravity Team and winner of the slopestyle
and freeride events at previous Summer Mountain Games, has got some serious tricks up his sleeve.
Despite being young (not even 20 years old), Hauck has been recognized worldwide for his technical tricks, including winning Best Trick at Nissan Quashai Urban Challenge in Madrid, Spain.

You didn't know... After winning in Vail, Hauck got top honors at
the Red Bull Bike Night in Trieste, Italy a few weeks later. He won the Best Trick
competition after completing a clean "720" on a challenging course.

12th Place - 2010 Slopestyle
1st Place - 2008 Slopestyle

4th Place - 2010 Freeride Dual
1st Place - 2009 Freeride Dual
1st Place - 2008 Freeride Dual

White Spacer 50px 2013 What Are You Training For
Blank Avatar White Spacer 50px 2012 Jeremy HorganKobelski

2013 What Are You Training For

White Spacer 50px

Event: Mountain Bike Cross Country
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Age: 33

Over the course of 17 full seasons of racing, JHK has raced in over 30 countries, won 14 National Championships, stood on multiple World Cup and international podiums, and become an American Olympian. 2009 and 2010 saw JHK earn his 5th National Cross Country Championship, back-to-back Marathon National Championships as well as his 100th National Series podium appearance. He ended 2010 with 123 U.S. National Podiums and won the inaugural ProXC Tour along the way in 2009. In 2010 he made his debut at the 100-mile distance winning the Bailey Hundo and breaking Lance Armstrong's record time en route to second place at the Leadville 100. 2011 will mark JHK's 19th full season of racing. He will contest races around the world and spend over 200 days on the road. Already America's most successful domestic racer of the modern era, in 2011 JHK will look to continue to cement his place among the all-time stars of American Mountain Bike racing.

JHK won the XC Mountain Bike Race at the Summer Mountain Games in 2009 and 2010 against stacked pro fields and in 2011, he'll be looking for a three-peat.

1st Place - 2012 X-Country Mountain Bike
1st Place - 2011 X-Country Mountain Bike
1st Place - 2010 X-Country Mountain Bike
1st Place - 2009 X-Country Mountain Bike

2012 Mike Montgomery White Spacer 50px img_20131109_103351

San Diego's Mike Montgomery is at the forefront of freestyle mountain biking progression. Mike's slope style runs leave spectators either fist-pumping or slack-jawed and speechless, and his jumps push the limits of the sport. He is a rider's rider, a guy that other competitors cheer-on because he's legit, has absolutely no fear and he's a solid dude on and off the bike.

Mike won the Pinkbike Best Trick Throwdown at Ranchstyle in May 2011, followed that up with a win in the MTB Slopestyle event at the 2011 Summer Mountain Games, and clinched another Best Trick title at the Jump Ship Dirt Jump Invitational in Canada. He casually made his way into the top 20 in the FMB World Tour Rankings earlier this year. With tricks like the body varial, backflip barhop and cliffhanger backflip, look for Mike to bust out bigger and more technical tricks in the near future.

1st Place - 2011 Slopestyle
9th Place - 2010 Slopestyle

White Spacer 50px




I gave up competitive horse riding 2 years ago and decided to take up cycling after knee surgery when Dr Joseph, my surgeon suggested I take up cycling. I entered a few of the town races last year and my competitive nature found finishing last place very uncomfortable and a friend of mine after riding with me suggested that I might benefit from going back to basics and learning the mechanics behind cycling and climbing. With that I spent the winter training on the Computrainer with Josiah Middaugh and Brendan Finneran and set the goal of competing in the Gopro games xcountry mountain bike race and Vail Pass Time Trial as a culmination of my hard work and Training and to test my fitness level and mental strength. My father passed away from heart disease at 50 so honestly, whatever the outcome, however I place, the level of fitness I have gained, the health benefits i have gained and the ability to better enjoy the great beauty and terrain which surrounds me is the greatest reward

Blank Avatar White Spacer 50px 2012 Sam Pilgram

2013 What Are You Training For

White Spacer 50px

Date of birth: June 4th, 1990
Nationality: English
Residence: Colchester, England

Sam´s been riding 6-7 years and three of those years as a pro. The first comp he won was at the age of 14, the filthy 48 (UK) and since then he progressed more and more to the level of riding he´s at now. He recently placed in the top 3 for the 2012 Winter Mountain Games Best Trick Bike comp. 2012 Summer Mountain Games will be his first appearance!

1st Place - 2012 Slopestyle

2012 Paul Basagoitia White Spacer 50px Blank Avatar

Paul Basagoitia burst onto the competitive scene in 2004 with no sponsor and a borrowed bike. Nobody knew who he was… yet. Brushing skeptics aside, he upstaged the field at Whistler Crankworx and nabbed first place. In the years following, Paul-"Bass" to friends and fans-has risen to become one of the top freestyle riders on the pro circuit, known for putting down cutting-edge runs on dirt, urban and steep terrains.

After picking up a sponsorship from Kona bikes, Bass came back in 2005 to take first place in Crankworx again, solidifying his presence on the pro tour. "Taking Crankworx back-to-back was definitely a high point in my career so far," Bass says. "It showed everyone that I wasn't just a fluke, that I was here to win." That same year, he took first at the Gathering and second at the Red Bull District Ride (a crushing one-point loss in the final). In 2006, Bass dominated the District Ride in Europe, taking first overall.

Since then, Bass has continued to hold the podium in style. A first-place overall finish at the 2007 Nissan Qashqai Tour gave way to another spot on the podium at Crankworx Colorado that year. His approach to the slopestyle riding is a mix of huge, singular airs and bold, technical maneuvers. And often Bass will hit what no one else will. At the 2008 Red Bull Rampage, he was the only rider to launch off the massive kicker jutting out into the canyon where the competition was held-just two weeks after recovering from a broken collarbone.

Paul recently performed the first double back flip on natural ground in the world.

1st Place - 2012 Freeride Dual
2nd Place - 2012 Slopestyle
2nd Place - 2011 Slopestyle
2nd Place - 2010 Slopestyle
1st Place - 2009 Slopestyle

White Spacer 50px 2013 What Are You Training For
Blank Avatar White Spacer 50px 2012-Carson-Storch

2013 What Are You Training For

White Spacer 50px

19 years old and living in Bend, Oregon Storch has been riding anything with wheels as far as he can remember, but got his first dirt jumper when he was 11 years old. He competes in Slopestyle competitions, but also spends alot of time on his downhill bike. It was only until a few years ago that he actually started to get serious about competing, and since then has been travelling around North America doing as many comps as he can.




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