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2010 Jenny Macarthur

White Spacer 50px 2013 Ken Hoeve

Aspen, Colorado

Married to elite racer Charlie MacArthur, Jenny rose to the top when she trumped the women's division of the SUP Surf Sprint in 2010 carrying the MacArthur torch with pride. She has also tasted victory at the Whitewater Championships in Gleenwood Springs.

A native of Australia, Jenny calls Colorado and the world class slopes of Aspen home today. A National level skier and a natural competitor, she embodies all that SUP has evolved to represent to the women of the world: a mother, a wife, a friend and a competitor all rolled into one.

4th Place - 2011 SUP Surf Sprint
1st Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint

White Spacer 50px

Every year I do the same thing. Start to run and train a few weeks out in hopes it will help. Give up the suds and ....... anything else that slows me down in hopes it will give me that extra bit to podium. Truth be told it hasn't worked and I havent been in the top three since Slade Cogswell and I won the Dash for Cash when the Games were still the Jeep Whitewater Championships over 14 years ago.

So this year, I decided to give it a real go. Now in my 40s I have introduced three of the Games most popular events. The Homestake Creek race, SUP race and the infamous 8 Ball. I have competed in all, but have never made the podium. Top 20 in the creek race and top 10 in SUP at one time or another but always the bridesmaid. Last year it was so bad I even got pummeled in the 8 Ball for the first time and swam. You probably caught that on the highlight reel. So I decided this year, its on.

Instead of starting 30 days out and going a couple times a week, I started 6 months ahead of time and am after it 5 days a week, two hours a day. Crossfit, running, river sprints, dry land paddle practice, swimming and eating way better. I have been paddling class III on my board since January 1st at least twice a week. The beer? Yeah..... that one is kind of tough since I am involved in Bonfire Brewing in Eagle. And we make good beer! So that one is still an issue. But other than that I want to move up the ranks. And I also want to compete in as many events as possible. SUP, kayak races, mud run are at least three I want to knock off. Regardless of the outcome, I also have a few athletes I want to beat this year. Even more motivation. 2013 Mountain Games are going to be awesome as they always are. I think I will be way more prepared this Go round'. We'll see in less than two months.

2014 Alex Mauer White Spacer 50px TODD BRADLEY

My name is Alex Mauer (Mau Pau) I love paddling whitewater and river surfing. I am training for the GoPro Mountain Games because Whitewater stand up paddling is my favorite thing to do! This event is so fun and it brings so many different kinds of athletes together under the same venue. I cannot wait! Fallow me on my journey training for GoPro at www.facebook.com/alex.mauer1 or at GlideSup.com

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Proficient at virtually every surf sport in a boat or on a board, C4 Waterman co-founder Todd Bradley continues to amass an impressive list of national and international paddling and surfing titles and a reputation for endurance and skill as demonstrated by having crossed the daunting 32-mile Kaiwi Channel during Molokai-Oahu races in more than 50 races and three different types of craft: standup paddleboards, OC-1 kayaks and OC-6 outrigger canoes.

10th Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint


BRIAN KEAULANA White Spacer 50px 2013 April Chernoby

A highly decorated and revered watermen, C4 Waterman co-founder Brian Keaulana has more than 500 awards in surfing, canoe surfing, body boarding, body surfing, and sailing. A pioneer in ocean survival techniques, Brian invented and designed the rescue sleds now commonly found behind jet rescue crafts. A popular stuntman and stunt coordinator, Brian has appeared worked in dozens of film, documentary and TV productions.

17th Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint

White Spacer 50px APRIL CHERNOBY
Grand Rapids, MI

April, a native of Michigan, is a pioneer of Stand-up Paddle Boarding on the Great Lakes. In 2011, she set a record for SUP, all five Great Lakes in five days. Her ideal SUP day begins when the water of Lake Michigan is churned by an approaching storm creating epic surf. Pushing the limits comes naturally. An all-around athlete, April is a National and North American Speed Skating Marathon silver and gold medalist. An avid international adventurer, in the course of nine years she has traversed all seven continents. Hitting the surf of Central America and reaching summits in Antarctica, Europe, Asia, and North America. April will be making her debut in Vail, competing for the first time in river Stand-up Paddle Boarding.

Skip Brown White Spacer 50px JEN KOKI

Cabin John, MD

Even though I kite board and surf I'm a longtime kayaker and I learned to SUP on rivers in whitewater. Just upriver from my home on the Potomac near Washington DC we have flat water, Class V rapids and everything in between. So it's a good playground and workout venue. We run rapids and do attainments, paddling upstream against the current for a serious workout. But my favorite (and most fun) training regimen is surfing one of our great standing waves that are almost always running. It may not look like I'm "training" but surfing a wave for five to ten minutes per surf is a leg burner that helps keep me in shape for ocean wave surfing or racing. And it's WAY fun. I'm looking forward to Vail.

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Though this will be pro longboarder turned stand up paddler Jen Koki's first river SUP surf trip, she is no stranger to competition. Born and raised in Waikiki, Koki's father taught her to surf when she was just two. She started competing when she was 8 and has amassed numerous top-place finishes in such events as the Girls Who Surf, Roxy Pro, Duke's OceanFest. She won last year's prestigious China Eumara Longboard Surfing Classic.

7th Place - 2011 SUP Surf Sprint
3rd Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint

CHARLIE MACARTHUR White Spacer 50px 2014 Bradley Hilton

Charlie MacArthur is C4 Waterman's whitewater ambassador. A familiar face on the slopes of Aspen in the winter, Charlie enjoys off-season getaways to surf and SUP in Hawaii then switches to kayaking and stand up paddling in the summer as the owner and lead instructor at Aspen Kayak Academy. Charlie conspired with Dave Parmenter to develop C4's CMac ATB (all-terrain board) and its inflatable successor the iSUP, the first surf boards designed exclusively for whitewater stand up paddling.

4th Place - 2011 SUP Surf Cross

2nd Place - 2011 - SUP Surf Sprint
6th Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint

White Spacer 50px BRADLEY HILTON
Grand Lake, Colorado

A Colorado native, Bradley grew up snowboarding in the rockies and discovered SUP in 2011. He has since lived in Hawai'i and California to fully embrace the waterman's lifestyle. He began competing in 2013 and is truly a multi-faceted mountain paddler and board sports athlete.
2014 Miles Harvey White Spacer 50px STEPHEN NYMAN

Salida, CO

I am 12 years old and live in Salida, CO. I love to paddle kayaks and stand up paddle boards on the river. I raced my first GoPro Mountain Games last year in SUP. I was the youngest racer and had a lot of fun trying to beat the adult racers. I am training hard for this year's race because I want to beat my Dad.

White Spacer 50px STEVEN NYMAN
Olympian, U.S. Ski Team member and World Cup Veteran Steven Nyman will be making his Summer Mountain Games debut in Stand Up Paddling. An accomplished kite-boarder, ripping skier, and all around athlete, Nyman was born and bred in Utah and was skiing at age 2. He was a discretionary pick to the 2002 Junior Worlds squad; two medals launched his U.S.Ski Team career and his first World Cup win in 2007 showed how much he's progressed. Today Nyman travels the word competing on the World Cup circuit and is regarded as one of America's best competitive downhill ski racers.

17th Place - 2011 SUP Surf Sprint
11th Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint
NIKKI GREGG White Spacer 50px Blank Avatar

Nikki Gregg, a fitness professional and stand up paddle fitness guru who now resides on the north shore of Oahu, claims to be a mountain girl at heart and is looking forward to coming back to Colorado where she lived and played for many years. An all around athlete in the sport of stand up paddling, Nikki is excited to see other women begin to join in on the fun of whitewater SUP.

2nd Place - 2011 SUP Surf Cross

8th Place - 2011 SUP Surf Sprint
4th Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint

White Spacer 50px 2013 What Are You Training For
NataliZollinger White Spacer 50px DAN GAVERE

Natali strives to help strengthen the sport of stand up paddleboarding and inspire those around her. SUP continuously requires her to move beyond her comfort zone and maintain a healthy mentality on life, while allowing her to train and instruct for the benefits of fitness, exercise, adventure, racing, and exploration. For her, SUP is an outlet and tool for her to motivate and empower everyone she meets. As well as towards living a better life, both on and off the water.

White Spacer 50px DAN GAVERE
Hailing from Hood River, OR, Dan Gavere is the Summer Mountian Game's whitewater specialist and has been paddling SUP for 5 years. Other achievements include: Releasing the instructional DVD called the "Ultimate Guide to Stand Up Paddling," 2009 Whitewater SUP National Champion, & top finisher in open ocean and short course SUP racing.

1st Place - 2011 SUP Surf Sprint
2nd Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint
NICOLE DUKE White Spacer 50px Blank Avatar

Former pro downhill mountain biker Nicole Duke began competing in SUP events in 2010. In her inaugural SUP season, Nicole was a top finisher in every downriver event she entered. She became the first woman to run the historic 26-mile FIBArk Downriver Race on a Stand-up board. Other hightlights include a 2nd place finish in the SUP Sprint at the Summer Mountain Games and a 2nd place the Whitewater SUP National Championship. This year, Nicole plans to compete in several regional and national SUP events. Her goals include winning the 2011 Downriver National Championship, winning the SUP Sprint and Surf Cross at the 2011 Summer Mountain Games, and continuing to promote SUP by instructing and teaching. When she's not on the water, she can be found racing Cyclocross on the national circuit, playing with her 2 kids, or running her hairdressing business in Boulder, CO.

4th Place - 2011 SUP Surf Cross

5th Place - 2011 SUP Surf Sprint
2nd Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint

White Spacer 50px 2013 What Are You Training For
Blank Avatar White Spacer 50px Noa

2013 What Are You Training For

White Spacer 50px NOA GINELLA
In June 2010, unheralded 16-year-old Hawaii native Noa Ginella arrived in Vail for the Summer Mountain Games as a complete dark-horse. Cruising in the shadow of a handful of highly acclaimed Hawaiian watermen, who doubled as his mentors, Ginella was completely under the radar. No-one expected he would surge to a win in the inaugural C4 Waterman Standup paddle Sprint race of the Games that was held in high flow warning conditions, or that he'd do it on an inflatable race board. This year, they know better.

Raised on Oahu's legendary North Shore - an area long-regarded a breeding ground for heroic heavy water riders of the saltwater kind, Noa was banking on his ocean experience making short work of the inland whitewater learning curve. He wasn't daunted by the fact he had never been so far inland, never performed at elevation, or even launched himself into frigid high flow waters before.

Ginella returns to the Mountain Games this spring a year older and with a slew of prestigious prestigious ocean results to his credit: Winning at Duke's Oceanfest, Molokai-to-Oahu World Paddle board Championships, and the Kahala Challenge ocean triathlon. At the Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle he placed 8th.

The inaugural course record set by Ginella last year was 18:15.53, a time that may be tough to beat considering Gore Creek was flowing at a daunting 1200 cfs on the day. An even wilder flow on day two saw the SUP Cross event canceled. That title is back on the line in 2011.

1st Place - 2011 SUP Surf Cross

3rd Place - 2011 SUP Surf Sprint
1st Place - 2010 SUP Surf Sprint

Jenny Kalmach 1 White Spacer 50px Blank Avatar

Jenny was born and raised in Costa Rica and moved to Kona, Hawaii in 2005 after graduating from the University of British Columbia. In 2008, she won the inaugural Battle of the Paddle, emerging as a complete unknown to take the win. In 2009, Jenny won the prestigious 32-mile Molokai to Oahu race, prompting Standup Paddle Magazine to name her one of the world's elite paddlers. Additionally Kalmbach was also Stand Up Paddle Magzine's SUP Of The Year.

Paddling now for five years, she has established herself as one of the sport's most high profile and recognizable racers.

White Spacer 50px 2013 What Are You Training For
Blank Avatar White Spacer 50px 2012 Lel Tone

2013 What Are You Training For

White Spacer 50px

Lel started skiing as a child in the Alps, then left Switzerland for the U.S. when she was 10. She began ski-racing while in college in Vermont, and later moved to Lake Tahoe. Lel has competed in freeskiing competitions, professional mountain-bike races, and as an elite-level paddleboarder. During the winter, she works as an avalanche forecaster for Squaw Valley Ski Patrol and as a lead guide in Alaska with Chugach Powder Guides. Lel holds Level 1-3 avalanche certifications and is a licensed blaster in California. She is also an instructor with the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) and the National Ski Patrol, and a certified EMT.




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